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Our Workbook

Make Sure Your Business Never Screeches to a Halt Again:
An Emergency Preparedness Workbook & Resource

Wondering why you need this workbook?

You need this workbook to help your company survive any crisis. Anything can be called ‘crisis or disaster’ – big or small; it will cause your business to stall at minimum or crash at worst.  

This workbook will give you the adventure of learning your business details at a level you had not realized and start the ongoing process of planning what to do when something happens. Your internal team of employees and your external business team of Banker, Insurance Agent, CPA and Lawyer will help you answer the questions or help you complete the tasks needed to answer the questions. They are your partners in keeping your business going.

In the first section …

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Table of Contents.

  • The first section of this workbook will ask you questions about your deep, dark, daily details of your business. You will not like using your time to go through these questions, but having the details researched and documents ready will save you in the long term. The time spent with this workbook is the least ‘sexy’ thing about your business, but it’s gotta get done when you have the time, BEFORE crisis strikes.

In the second section …

  • The second portion of this workbook contains chapters that will have you facing RISK – all the negative things that can happen at your business: small or large, nature, technical or manmade. You won’t be able to identify all of them but you will have a general idea of how to address one when it happens. It’s in the planning – you are going to grab the information from the front of the workbook and use it to prepare yourselves. If the information in the first portion of the workbook is incomplete, likewise, your planning will be incomplete. It’s all your information, we’ve just given you the general questions to order and organize your information.

  • The workbook also has an extensive Bibliography and Resource list.

There IS good news …

The good news is you are calmly working on this now, not trying to figure it all out in the midst of a crisis. There are those who would call this section “Disaster Planning.” However, in the truest sense, it is “Continuity Planning” – if you want to get picky or specific on credentials and processes.

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Here's what professionals are saying about the Workbook:

I have the binder on my shelf on the emergency preparedness info. I think it’s a great resource and most businesses should have something like this in place. It goes above and beyond current industry standards of practice or requirements and it’s easy to use. It is a good resource for smaller businesses.

- Daniel R. Klein, Attorney





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